Superfast and high quality bonding with Al-Fix

Sometimes things just have to go fast. However, this doesn't mean that this has to be at the expense of quality. With Novatio's Al-Fix products, you get the best of both worlds; super-fast, high-quality gluing of almost all materials.

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Al-Fix is a fast-working cyanoacrylate-based adhesive. This 1-component adhesive combines a very high tensile shear strength with excellent resistance to solvents, oil, benzene, temperature fluctuations and atmospheric influences, among other things. This makes Al-Fix ideal for a very wide range of applications.

Moreover, Al-Fix does not show any shrinkage and is very economical in use. Actually, the thinner the adhesive layer, the stronger the connection.

Suited for almost all materials

The products of the Al-Fix family can be used very widely. They bond to almost all materials, with the exception of materials containing polyethylene, polypropylene or fluorine. This way, you can easily and quickly bond the following materials: ABS, aluminium, bakelite, bronze, buthyl, chloroprene, chrome, delrin, glass, copper, natural rubber, NBR, neoprene, nitrile, phenol, polycarbonate, polystyrene, porcelain, hard PVC, stainless steel, steel.

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A solution for every application

The Al-Fix range consists of various products:

AL-FIX is the transparent standard CA adhesive, suitable for all uses.

AL-FIX FLEXIBLE is a flexible version, also transparent, specifically suitable for bonding elastic materials, with good moisture resistance. Ideal for metal and rubber compounds, for example.

AL-FIX BLACK is the flexible, black version of Al-Fix Flexible.

AL-FIX GEL is a filling, transparent version. The filling capacity makes it possible to build up a reinforcing adhesive seam.

AL-FIX FILLER is a powder filler. It is ideal to obtain volume easily when using other Al-Fix adhesives. It is also a superfast activator.

AL-FIX AKTIVATOR is an activator. It speeds up the curing of Al-Fix adhesives and makes bonding on porous surfaces possible.

AL-FIX AKTIVATOR SF is an even faster variant of the Al-Fix Aktivator.

AL-FIX REMOVER is suitable for removing glue or softening other glues and PU foams, even hardened ones.

Over 1,000 proven solutions

Novatio innovates for the better work. With more than 1,000 solutions in our existing range, we like to make things easy for makers.

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