Precision work is custom work

We start with your challenge and only end with the customised solution. In doing so, we always ask ourselves: "What job must the product do?" This is how we find the best solution for every problem. Our customisation does not stop there. From the core of our process to the finishing of the packaging, we optimise the product to your process.

In addition to products, we also offer various services in order to arrive at new or improved solutions together.


In our own lab, we develop new innovations in adhesives, sealing and surface treatment. You will find these in our own range, in the production lines of our customers or in a specific challenge.


We test these innovations carefully in our own lab, where we do both practical and theoretical tests under the most extreme conditions.


Thanks to our expertise in specific sectors (e.g. food industry), we ensure that our products comply with the necessary certifications and are always safe to work with.


We manufacture more than 1,000 professional products in adhesives, sealing and surface treatment. Each of them solves a specific problem.


We have a lot of in-house marketing expertise you can rely on. For example, we offer customised kits, of which the packaging can be personalised to fit your brand or company.


From our distribution centre, we can deliver to the various countries in which we operate.


Our market advisors are always available for technical questions and advise their customers on the correct use of our solutions.


We ensure that customers are well educated and trained to work with our products via an extensive training centre for our own staff, customers and their employees.


We believe that innovation is an ongoing process that is never 'finished'. Every product can be improved and goes through the whole process of development, testing, etc. again and again.

Discover our lab

Innovation is in our DNA. In our lab, we take this even further. Here, we keep on improving our existing and new products in cooperation with the client.

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Custom made to the last detail

We provide your product in the most user-friendly packaging, tailored to your application and in a kit for optimal maintenance.

Product packaging

We always look at your proces. Even when it comes to product packaging. Will you be using it daily, in small amounts or do you want to stock large quantities? We take it all into account!

Novatio Kit

Makers should be proud of their work. On our part, we do everything we can to honour that work. The Novatio Kit is a custom made maintenance box for your clients. An extra service from you to them and for your craftsmanship. Win-win and win.

Custom Made Maxi Kit Private Box

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