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"Customer satisfaction and optimal service are our main focus."

A sentence you will read on almost every website or in every brochure. But how do you truly make the difference? Show that you still want to support your customer after your service or sale. Give something extra as a thank you for choosing your company. Show them how to give your product the best possible aftercare for long-lasting quality. That is what service looks like.

Thanks to our Novatio Kit concept you can combine all these methods in one handy box, put your brand and service in the limelight once more and build up customer loyalty. The Novatio Kit is a box with a number of maintenance products selected by you. It is the ideal gift to thank your client for their confidence in your service. Moreover, the Novatio Kit is the perfect way to get customers to visit you more often and generate more sales. They are exclusively available at your shop, which means that customers can only come to you for a new kit.

01 Choose your box

Choose your box from one of our four options. Prefer another format or packaging? Let us know and we will sort it out! 

02 Choose your products

You know better than anyone which products are ideal for your customer. Choose your set from our range of over 1,000 products. 

03 Choose your style

We don't need to be in the spotlight with your customer. We prefer that you are satisfied about us and your customer about you. That is why we offer you various personalisation options to partially or completely design your box and labels according to your own brand and corporate identity. 


Novatio Label

Our product packaging is perfectly balanced with ergonomics and ease of use as basic principles. The labels have been designed in such a way that all the information, regulations and CLP labels is presented in a clear and structured manner. A beautiful, minimalistic label is the outcome.

Shared Label

Starting with Novatio's standard label, you have the option of making a few adjustments to the design. You can choose to add your own logo and/or company name, as well as adjust the colour coding of the product to a colour of your choice. The rest of the label remains identical.

Private Label

If you select a private label, we start from an almost blank canvas. The regulations and CLP labels are of course fixed on the basis of local legislation, but the rest can be fully personalised. We are happy to create a completely custom-made label together with you, entirely according to your corporate identity and taste.

Private-shared label


Shared Box

Prefer to put your brand in the picture as well? No problem. With the shared box formula, we take the chosen standard Novatio box as the foundation. We then personalise it with a sticker in standard format featuring your logo and an image chosen by you.

Private Box

This is where the real customisation begins. In this case, everything revolves around your brand. The only thing you choose in advance is the size, the rest is pure customisation. Together with you, we work out a fully personalised design, tailored to your needs and wishes. 

Box overzicht RV & WD1


You have put together a nice box for your customers, but how, where and when do they use the products? Use a compact brochure to inform your customer about the properties and applications of your selected products. Finish it off with a few handy tips, if you like. Your customer will be grateful!

Again, you are able to choose between a Novatio, shared or fully customised brochure.

Magazines custom made1

A specific challenge?

No solution to your challenge? Find out how we can create a perfect tailor-made solution for your challenge in our lab.