Al-Fix Black


Extremely suitable for gluing elastic materials in combination with hard materials.

Excellent chemical and moisture resistant.

Moisture, shock, sliding and impact resistant.



  • 501303000 - Al-Fix Black - bottle 20 ml


Al-Fix Black is a black cyanacrylate that has an extremely good adhesion on most materials and that remains elastic after curing. Al-Fix Black is resistant to solvents, oils, benzene, high and low temperature fluctuations. Al-Fix Black is moisture resistant.


  • ideal for metal and rubber bonds
  • for rapid bonding of natural and synthetic rubbers, plastics, metals, etc.
  • bonding rubbers, plastics that are confronted with high temperature fluctuations and moisture

Al-Fix Black makes strong bonding  possible between most varied materials, with the exception of polyethylene, polypropylene, silicone and fluorine and items containing plastic materials. Materials that can be glued with AFix Black: ABS, aluminium, bakelite, bronze, buthyl, celluloid, chloroprene, chrome, delrin, glass, copper, natural rubber, NBR, Neoprene, nitrile, nylon, phenol, polycarbonate, polystyrene, porcelain, hard pvc, stainless steel, steel.

Technical information


Al-Fix Black


  • Colour: black.
  • Viscosity Mpa's Brookfield 20°C: 2000-3000.
  • Viscosity Mpa's 1 dynamic: -20000 at 25°C.
  • Boiling point >200°C. Flash point DIN 51758: 87°C.
  • Specific gravity gr/cm: 1,05-1,09. Solubility in water: practically insoluble.
  • Shock and impact resistant.
  • AL-FIX-BLACK is ideal for applications that come into regular contact with moisture and is permanent elastic after curing.
  • Temperature resistance: -50°C to +135°C (peak +180°C).
  • Tensile strength > 60N/cm².
  • Resistant to long-term moisture.
  • Shelf life: 9 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
  • Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.


  • Apply sparingly and on one side on a clear and dry surface.
  • Bond pieces together.

Combine with Al-Fix Aktivator or Al-Fix Aktivator SF on porous materials. The use of Al-Fix Aktivator can lead to a greater shrinkage of the adhesive seam as well as possibly lower flexibility.

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