Mandatory training for professional users of PU products

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Polyurethane (PU) adhesives and sealants are widely used in the construction industry. These include mounting, filling, sealing, insulation, prevention of thermal and sound bridges, and so on. The use of these products is safe as long as they are applied in accordance with established safety measures.

However, during application of PU products, diisocyanates are released. This substance, if used incorrectly, can lead to respiratory and dermal sensitisation. Therefore, European authorities have adopted a new measure on the use of diisocyanates under REACH, targeting respiratory and dermal sensitisation potentially caused by diisocyanates.

Mandatory training by 24 August 2023

FEICA, in collaboration with the European Diisocyanate & Polyol Producers Association (ISOPA), the European Aliphatic Isocyanates Producer Association (ALIPA), and several other industries in the European polyurethane industry, has organised a comprehensive training programme to ensure the safe use of diisocyanates for professional users across Europe. The training and certification, which requires passing an exam, must be completed by 24 August 2023.

If you are working in the construction industry or as an employee applying adhesives and sealants in an industrial or non-industrial environment, you can take this training for free. You can do so using the FEICA voucher code FEICA_21_G.

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Get free training

Use the voucher code "FEICA_21_G" to get free training now!

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For the record, the measure does not prohibit the use of polyurethane adhesives and sealants, but only sets training requirements for their safe use. PU adhesives and sealants will continue to be widely used because of their versatility in a variety of applications.

More information on the safe use of diisocyanates, mandatory training and required labelling can be found on the website of Safe Use of Diisocyanates and FEICA.

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