Novatio minimises production downtime at Citrique Belge

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The Challenge

Citrique Belge is a world-class player in the production and refining of citric acid, an important raw material in the food industry and in organic chemistry. Citric acid is highly reactive, particularly with alkaline materials like concrete. It also attacks organic paints and coatings. Any flooring affected will require frequent repair and recoating, involving a lengthy and unwelcome interruption to production.

Citrique Belge had been looking for a solution which could be applied quickly and with long-lasting resistance to attack by citric acid. This proved to be rather more difficult than they anticipated: until Novatio came on the scene.


Repairs take time. Time costs money.

At Citrique Belgium we saved both by starting on the work floor, literally. Novatio Poxycon and Poxy Color have a superior resistance to chemicals. By using it as a final coating on the concrete work floor, We optimised productivity and minimised production downtime. Citrique now has a floor that lasts longer and needs to be repainted less often.