For preventive and curative use.

Strengthens weak surfaces prior to bonding.

Passivates rust.

Unique adhesion on metal, polyester, aluminum, galvanized sheet, wood, stone and concrete.



  • 631011000 - Fixapox - can 1kg


  • An industrial 2-component deeppenetrating impregnating agent for the protection and handling of concrete, stone, wood and metals.
  • Hardens concrete floors, stone, cement coatings and makes them dustproof, more longwearing, easy to clean and chemical resistant.
  • A preventive and curative protection for both blank and rusty metals against corrosion, erosion and other chemical influences.
  • Penetrates deeply in rust and blocks, passivates and anchors this rust to the sound metal.
  • An ideal unsaponifiable adhesive primer for painting, mastics, joint kits, mending and other finishes.


  • 1-coating application gives a dust-free, longwearing and vapour permeable surface.
  • 2-coatings application is fluid tight, vapour tight and gives resistance to oils, greases, petrols and chemicals.
  • Handling of floors in workshops, warehouses, stockrooms, halls, refrigerators, breweries, printers, paper mills, garages, chemical industry and plants, assembly factories (automobile, transformers, diecastinghalls,...), cowsheds, unloading quays and loading wharfs.
  • Because of its liquid tightness and chemical resistance pollution of the treated surfaces is avoided.
  • Concrete roadways, bridge flooring and weight bridges: protection against salts for thawing (1-coating application as outdoors application).
  • Handling of metal constructions and installations, handrails, fittings, reinforcing rod,... against chemicals and sea air.
  • To make walls or constructions in e.g. bricks, Ytong or plaster dust-proof.
  • Longwearing and hydrochloric resistant protective coating for concrete mixers.
  • Inhibits further silting up or degradations of treated surfaces.
  • Handling of concrete pipes, concrete wells against waste waters.
  • Adhesive primer for Seal&Bond MS60, Novabond 2, Nova Power Grip on porous surfaces (stone, gyproc, Ytong,...).

Technical information




  • Composition: epoxy resin, polyamine hardener and selected solvents.
  • Colour: colourless; darkens the surfaces.
  • Solid material: ca. 75%.
  • Specific gravity: 1 +/- 0,1 kg/dm3.
  • Adherence: to wood, stone, concrete: the bonding system is stronger than the materials bonded together; to metals: > 2N/mm² depending on the preceding handling.
  • Duration of use after mixture (pot life): ca. 30 minutes at 15°C.
  • Drying times at 15°C: After ca. 12h (one night): can be walked on; after ca. 24h: mechanical chargeable load-bearing; after 7 days: chemical resistant.
  • Temperature resistance: permanently from -30°C to +55°C; accidentally 110°C; 200°C unloaded (form durability); dry-cleaning is allowed.
  • Chemical resistance: resists to acids, caustic solutions, oils, greases, petrols, salts and many solvents, manure, urine,...; is resistant to aggressive gasses, vapours and sea air.
  • Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
  • Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.


  • Full package:

Pour the hardener (component B) completely to the resin (component A).

Shake thoroughly until obtaining a homogeneous mixture.

Pour into a clean pot and mix well again.

  • Partial packaging:

Use the measuring cup supplied for a mixing ratio of component A: 7 parts and component B: 3 parts.

Mix well until obtaining a homogeneous mixture.

  • Apply on a clean, dry and stable surface.
  • If necessary, apply a second coat after 1 hour (on porous materials).
  • Clean tools with Poxy DC.

Can be processed for 30 minutes after mixing at temperatures up to + 20 ° C.

Higher temperatures reduce the working time considerably.

Protect from rain and moisture for 24 hours after application (at 20°C).

Consumption, depending on the porosity of the substrate: first layer: 300 ml / m² and second layer: 250 ml / m². For an even better impregnation of the first layer dilute to a maximum of 10% with Poxy DC.

As primer and substrate reinforcement always apply 2 layers.

Does not adhere to smooth surfaces and plastics and discolours by UV light.

Paintable with most lacquers and paints after a maximum of 7 days, if longer, first roughen mechanically  or etch chemically. Walkable and dust-dry after ± 12 hours at + 20 ° C. Chemically chargeable after 7 days at + 20 ° C. Minimum processing temperature: + 5 ° C.

Novatio epoxy and adhesives can even be applied to Fixapox wet-on-wet.

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