Strip Off


Removes paint, varnish, glue, tar, carbon deposits, ... .

Safe to use on all kinds of metal, wood, plaster, stones and glass.

Does not drip and is easy to use.



  • 495001000 - Strip Off - aerosol 400ml


  • A quick and efficient stripper that avoids the need for sanding, brushing and cutting away.
  • Can be used safely on all kinds of metal, wood, plaster, stone and glass.
  • Because of its efficient composition STRIP OFF removes paint, varnish, glue, tar, carbon deposits, packagings, ...
  • Does not drip, so it can be applied sparsely and economically on vertical surfaces.


  • Removal of: car paints, undercoating, stickers from bumpers and windows, old packaging on all types of metal, hardened oils and carbon deposit on valve seats, cylinders and other engine parts.
  • Stripping of: varnish, paint, resin, bitumen, pitch and graffiti on walls, windows, panels, joinery, boats, traffic signs, road building equipment, tools, etc.


Technical information


Strip Off


  • Composition: a.o. acetone and cyclohexanone.
  • Appearance (at 20°C): aerosol.
  • Odour: characteristic.
  • Colour: colourless.
  • Relative density (at 20°C): 0.747 g/l VOC content: 97,2% VOC content: 746,3 g/l.
  • Flammibility: < 0°C.
  • Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
  • Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.


  • After releasing the mixing ball, shake well before use.
  • Apply, let work for a few minutes and scrape off.
  • Repeat the treatment if necessary.
  • Rinse with water.

Protect the area that is not to be treated if necessary.

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