Novaflush DPF Two


Novaflush DPF ONE cleans and unclogs.

Novaflush DPF TWO flushes out.

Leaves no residues; does not contain metal and is non-flammable.



  • 740303000 - Novaflush DPF Two - can 1L


  • Top professional cleaning and unclogging system for particulate filters; it is the solution for every blocked DPF, for all types of diesel engines equipped with a diesel particulate filter and a catalytic converter.
  • Cleans and dissolves soot particles from the porous filter structure in the DPF.
  • Novaflush DPF TWO later flushes and removes particulates.
  • Applicable with the Novaflush DPF gun.

Technical information


Novaflush DPF Two


  • State: liquid.
  • Odour: characteristic.
  • pH: 11.4.
  • Flash point: +175°C.
  • VOS (Volatile Organic Compounds) content: 0.6%.
  • Shelf life: 12 months, dry, cool and frostfree.



  • Park the vehicle in a well-ventilated area.
  • Connect a compressed-air line to the gun with a minimum pressure of 5 bar. The gun is provided with a pressure relief valve.
  • Check and correct the engine oil level, if necessary.
  • Turn off all electrical consumers (air conditioning, seat heating, etc.).
  • Bring the engine to operating temperature and then switch it off.
  • The cleaning kit contains 3 different injectors: two conical nozzles and a metal probe. If it is possible to access the DPF sensors directly, use the metal probe to spray the liquid directly into the DPF through one of the sensor openings on the front of the DPF, after removing this sensor. If this is not possible, use one of the conical nozzles to inject the liquid into the DPF through the air line of the differential pressure sensor. In passenger cars, this sensor is usually located in the engine compartment; in lighter commercial vehicles and off-roaders, this sensor may be located nearer or on the DPF. Check whether this air line of the differential pressure sensor is connected to the front of the particulate filter. In some vehicles, the DPF is located close to the exhaust manifold and turbocharger. Make sure Novaflush DPF does not come into contact with these parts.
  • Place a receptacle under the exhaust pipe to collect the dripping liquid.





  • Fill the gun reservoir with Novaflush DPF ONE (500ml).
  • This applies to both using the metal probe and a conical injector: Spray the product on the front of the DPF for about 1 min; wait 2-3 minutes and repeat this operation until you empty the whole container. When using the metal probe, move it regularly to ensure that the entire inner hold of the DPF is treated.
  • Start the engine when you have finished the treatment with Novaflush DPF ONE and increase the speed to ± 3000 rpm for 5 min.
  • Fill the gun reservoir with Novaflush DPF TWO (1L).
  • Use one of the conical nozzles via the air line of the differential pressure sensor on the front of the particulate filter. If a sensor has been removed from the DPF before injecting Novaflush DPF ONE, reassemble it before proceeding with the Novaflush DPF TWO treatment.
  • Spray the entire contents (1L) of the reservoir while the engine is running at a speed of 2000 - 2500 rpm.
  • Stop the engine; reconnect the air line to the differential pressure sensor. Use compressed air to blow any residual fluid out of this air line before assembly. Do this to prevent the differential pressure sensor from transmitting incorrect values to the engine management.
  • Start the engine, let it run idle for at least 5 minutes. Remove any existing error codes in the engine management. If applicable, reset the values of the DPF and DPF control sensors.
  • Take the car on a test drive of about 20 minutes to promote further cleaning. Drive at a constant speed at increased engine speed (higher than 2500 rpm). Excessive smoke coming out of the exhaust is proof that the cleaning process is still ongoing.


Maintenance of the Novaflush DPF tool

This gun is designed for optimal efficiency and easy maintenance: Rinse the gun with water after each filter cleaning to make sure/(or: to ensure) that any Novaflush DPF residues are flushed out. Blowing 25 cl of water with compressed air through the gun is sufficient. Store the dried gun in a dry and dust-free environment.

Guidelines for prevention and maintenance

It is possible to prolong the positive effect of the treatment by adding Novafuel Powerkleen to the fuel in order to clean the injection and combustion circuit (stimulating the regeneration of the particulate filter). Novafuel DPF Care is specifically suited for the maintenance of the DPF.


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