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01 Working economically and ecologically

Our solutions will help you to work in a simpler and more efficient way, so that you can deliver higher quality.

Our technical advisors are ready with effective advice on the assembly and use of your products.

Novatio products improve profitability, thus allowing costs of personnel to be optimised.

02 New technical challenges

The rapid pace of technical development in your sector is giving rise to complex challenges. We closely follow these developments together with our clients.

Our R&D department carries out research and practical testing in our specially equipped laboratory.

03 We take care of the after

Your work doesn’t end when the delivery is made!

Good aftercare ensures a long service life and boosts customer satisfaction: and that means more projects for you.


90% of all bonding failures can be traced back to careless preparation. The success or failure of bonding operations is largely dependent on the preparatory work. Thorough cleaning and degreasing are essential. The profiles should then be treated with a suitable primer.

Cleaners & Degreasers Surface Protection & Treatment
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Production & Installation

Every bonding job demands a different type of adhesive, depending on the substrate, the required rigidity in the structure and the force to which it is exposed. When fitting and securing door and window profiles it is important to take account of the processing instructions relating to open working times, application and hardening times.

Adhesives & Sealants
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Cleaning & Maintenance

We offer ideal solution for periodic and annual maintenance of doors and windows in aluminium, PVC and timber.

This offers added value for your clients.

Cleaners & degreasers Surface Protection & Treatment

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Novatio Kit

We have got together with our clients to develop the ideal maintenance kit for doors, windows and gates. They include products used for cleaning, protection and lubrication.

The kits come in handy packages for Aluminium and PVC Doors and Windows. Maintenance using these products will ensure a long service life.

Discover our kits below.

Products Alubox_BE

Alubox - Basic

This kit contains:

  • Novacare Shamp-Wax

  • Surface Renewer

  • Scratch-free sponge

  • Microfibre cloth

Alubox Plus_BE

Alubox - Plus

This kit contains:

  • Novacare Shamp-Wax

  • Surface Renewer

  • Multifoam

  • Scratch-free sponge

  • Microfibre cloth

PVC box_BE


This kit contains:

  • Novacare Shamp-Wax

  • Surface Renewer

  • Bio-paste

  • Scratch-free sponge

  • Microfibre cloth

Prefer a custom made kit?

Some products or clients require custom solutions. We offer a number of personalisation options for our kits so you can tailor them perfectly to your needs.

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